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Public Phone Number Details
Area Code (NPA) 215
Prefix (NXX) 918
Full Number 215-918-4399
International Number +1 215 918 4399
Country United States
State / Province / Territory Pennsylvania
County Bucks
Primary City Jamison
Prefix (NXX) Type Landline
Jamison Map

Based on the area code and prefix, phone number 215-918-4399 location could be Jamison, Pennsylvania. However, due to national phone number portability rules, this phone number may be located anywhere in the United States.

We would highly recommend using phone books, white and yellow pages, social networks, marketing surveys, real estate listings, business websites, or other public resources as an additional source to get more accurate phone location results.

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2021-03-23 16:10:40 Not Safe Caller

Reports summary: Safe Caller 0 Not Safe Caller 1

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Alex U
Caller Type: Telemarketer

From: 215-918-4399 Call comes up as "Restricted" so it can go straight to voicemail. Bob Sager (516) 784-9108 [email protected] Bob Sager oozes relentlessness telemarketing from one of the Chinese Hells hidden in the guise of RINGLESS VOICEMAIL. Bob would like to call you Dozens and Dozens of times, Pester you endlessly of How YOU can GIVE HIM your hard earned MONEY so YOU can pester THOUSANDS of people with endless telemarketing! Bob Will NOT follow Do Not Call Guidelines! Bob Will use fake numbers and deceptive APPS regardless of how many times you block his number! Bob Will Not listen when you attempt to unsubscribe! Bob Will Constantly tout the Fictional results of people who May or May Not Exist! Bob Will Call You about the Exciting Opportunities of a Career you have never Had! Bob Does Not Take NO for An Answer! Bob Does not Take No from You, His fictional underage Pekinese, or the members of strange secretive cult that You Cannot Find on Wikipedia! Bob Wants to Spread the Frustration and hatred generated by Useless Telemarketing Spam, And APPLY it to Your Customers! Bob Wants you to take His Hatred for American Citizens and he wants you to Spread His Hate! Bob Sager! Bob Sager! ….. Remember to never say his name a Third Time! Give Your Money to Bob, Spread Bob’s Hate!

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Information about Area Code 215
Country United States
State Pennsylvania
Major City Philadelphia
Time Zone Eastern (UTC-05:00)
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